Do You Ever Feel...

Irritable - Overwhelmed - Exhausted - Under Pressure - Impatient - Sleep Deprived
Negative - Unable To Relax - Confused - Depressed - No Purpose

Find your calm under pressure

Calming Strategies will increase your happiness quotient.

The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) is pleased to present a new One-Day Course, designed to guide you through pressure.

Learn how to manage disagreements and control dark feelings like anger and stress, in the moment. Develop communication skills to create your own calm. Find a way beyond your blue. In just 7 hours.

Calming Strategies is the brainchild of Mike Fisher, Founder of BAAM and author of two best-seller books, Beating Anger and Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger.

Mike has become a leading light in helping people transform their stress and anger. Inspired by the development of Calming Strategies, Finding your No! is Mike's next writing exploration.

Mike has 20 years of experience in dealing with difficult people, managing anger and educating people to de-stress. Now his focus is inspiring people to discover mindful living, consciously bringing calm into their very busy worlds.

Through his own 29 year experience in the field of personal and professional development, Mike has distilled everything he has learnt about the human condition and created a simple, powerful strategy to help people transform their lives, in one discovery session.

Calming Strategies
will make a profound difference in the way you live your life, today.

Beating Anger Book
Beating Anger
Buy it now £8.99

Mindfulness & the Art of Managing Anger
Mindfulness & the Art of Managing Anger
Buy it now £8.99

A 10 Point Plan

Learn how to be Cool, Calm and Selective

1. Stop, think - See the big picture


2. Active listening -  Empathy in mind


3. Agree to Disagree - It's okay to have a different opinion


4. Clean communication - Non-violent conversations


5. Letting go of attachments - Zero duality


6. Stop compromising - Go for Win/Win


7. De-stressing - Remain calm under pressure


8. Stop taking things personally - Reduce needless suffering instantly


9. Appreciate what you have - Living with gratitude


10. The Power of Now - Living in the moment


  • Instantly feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Feel lighter and have clarity of mind
  • Learn to live in the here and now
  • Increase your happiness quotient
  • Less need to be confrontational
  • Clarity in expressing your needs
  • Increased motivation, concentration and inspiration
  • A sense of purpose
  • Increased self awareness
  • Increase self esteem



Is this the right course for you and will it hit the spot?


Discover how a self-discovery one-day programme like Calming Strategies can give you the instant lift in your life right now.

If you find it transforming and want to explore even deeper, you can attend a more comprehensive programme focusing on mindfulness, anger and stress, over a three-day weekend (East Grinstead, Bristol, Birmingham) or our ten-week programme (London only).

For further information on these go to

Calming strategies in the workplace
Calming strategies for teachers and students

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Mike's Story

Mike does what he does, because he's been there.

Mike Suffered from:
  • Mild Autism
  • Mild Aspergers
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder 
  • Low self esteem
  • 20 years of Depression
  • Anger and Rage
  • Addictive personality type
  • Dyslexia and Dyspraxia


Not only has he virtually cured himself of many of these symptoms, but he has also turned these limitations to his advantage. The positive aspect is that he has not allowed these drawbacks to become a liability and has spent over 30 years working on himself.  They are now his most valuable assets and he has gone from surviving, to thriving.

Mike embodies CALMING STRATEGY today.  
82 percent of participants and one-to-one clients still work their programmes, even after 18 months of attendance.

According to the Saturday Times Magazine, Mike's book Beating Anger is in the top 15 best books written on the subject of anger in the field of personal development.

Mike has hundreds of radio, magazine and newspaper interviews under his belt and has consulted and contributed to over 20 TV interviews and documentaries in the UK.


So, why does Mike do what he does?

The answer is simple - He has learnt that 'Happiness is a Choice' and 'Suffering is an Option'. Mike's purpose today is to change one mind at a time and hopefully his Calming Strategy workshop can do the same for you!

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